Architectural Hardware – Turn Flea Market Finds Into Jazzy Designs

Home decorating can be a challenge. It can also be very expensive and frustrating. When the concept of shabby chic decorating was born, thousands of people began exploring the idea of decorating their entire homes with flea market furniture. There can be great satisfaction in buying an inexpensive, unpopular furniture item and making it look decorative and appealing again. Even an old farmhouse can go from shabby to stylish by using smart, low-cost methods of decorating.

Decorate On The Cheap By Switching Out Hardware

Old flea market dressers and desks are great bargains. Some come with the wonderful patina of aged wood. Others may be warped, worn-out and in need of a little refurbishing to bring out their best qualities. Freshening up an old dresser or desk can mean a light sanding and a coat of paint. Old desks can make wonderful vanity tables for a woman’s bedroom when covered with fabric and given new accessories.

It is easy to change the look of an old desk by removing the legs and adding more decorative ones. Dresser drawers can take on a whole new look by simply removing the old-fashioned handles and adding some that have a more modern flair.

Cabinets Can Go From Frumpy To Fabulous

Many people love the idea of buying and living in an old farmhouse or cottage. Along with the rich history of owning old farmsteads and antique cottages may come the need for remodeling some of the interior space. Kitchens are typically the first rooms that many homeowners want to make more inviting and visually appealing.

Older farmhouses can have very out-of-date cabinet hardware. A fresh coat of paint and a change of cabinet hardware can completely change the kitchen from frumpy to fabulous without the huge expense of an entire remodel.

Transform Kid’s Rooms For Less

Old flea market furniture can really come to life in a child’s bedroom. A cheap dresser can be painted in bright, kid-pleasing colors and decorated with whimsical drawer knobs. A boy who loves sailing can have a dresser painted navy blue and white with fun sailboat-shaped hardware for drawer pulls. A little girl who loves flowers can have her flea market furniture painted pink and yellow with daisy-shaped drawer pulls for decorative charm.

Decorative Hardware Is Versatile

Antique furniture collectors and restorers also take advantage of the many different choices available when it comes to architectural hardware. Some want to restore an old piece back to its original appearance and will replace missing hardware with reproduction pieces. Others want to make a modern piece of furniture look older by adding hardware that has an aged, antique look. This pretend aging process is another dimension of the shabby chic style of home decorating.